Work Place Safety

Health and Safety in the work place is of paramount importance to Steves Joinery. 

We have a strict practices and guidelines set out to ensure our staff have the knowledge available to make working in our factory a safe and practicable workplace. All our staff complete a workshop induction when employed by Steves Joinery. Our staff regularly induct tool box meetings, they will go through emergency procedures, hazards, PPE, and our general health and safety.  Our machinery is checked and tagged regularly and our staff are trained and qualified on operating all these machines.   




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Steves Joinery are Site Safe NZ Members.

Our staff have all completed "Building Construction Passports" which enable them to have knowledge on keeping safe while on construction sites. 

All our main contractors induct our staff onto their work sites and are made aware of all the hazards and what precautions need to be taken for the specific site.

Being able to recognize hazards and being acutely aware on what practices should be implemented while on sites are an important aspect on keeping ourselves and peers safe while on sites. 

All our contractors are given " Site Specific Safety Plans" from Steves Joinery and are aware of what machinery, substances and hazards are going to be bought onto sites and what practices need to take place while being exposed to these hazards. We have staff who have completed advanced courses that complete our site specific safety plans, and our staff have regular tool box meetings which provides them with all information regarding their on site safety.